Friday, August 21, 2009

Private cooking lesson

Newlyweds Sarah and Corey wanted to work on a menu to prepare for their first dinner party. Here are the results.

“We had an absolute blast on Friday and are still enjoying the delicious dishes that we made. It's clear that Ellie is a fantastic chef, but she's also an amazing and patient teacher. We were so impressed by how easily we were able to prepare no less than FOUR dishes within just a couple of hours! Even the daunting-sounding entree that we had requested to learn--Beef Wellington--turned out to be a snap thanks to Ellie. In addition to picking up some excellent cooking techniques and recipes, we had a great deal of fun. We would recommend Ellie to anyone who's looking for an easy--yet sophisticated--approach to cooking!”

...........................Sarah & Corey J., Lynn, Massachusetts

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Private cooking lesson

This sister and brother team had fun together preparing some of their favorite dishes. In fact when they finished cooking he was so anxious to try everything that he said "I don't think I ever wanted to eat food this bad"!

"It certainly was fun, informative, and delicious. They really did enjoy it and are looking foward to their cheese mac tonight. Hope to see you soon!"
...Helen P., Northbridge, MA