Saturday, February 4, 2012

Private cooking lesson

"In preparation, we were in constant communication about cooking supplies and what we hoped to achieve during our lesson. We were well prepared when Ellie arrived, but she had exceeded our expectations with consistent coaching and the results! The food was amazing! Her passion and enthusiasm for cooking motivated us throughout and we plan on having her back again to take our cooking to another level. Thank you, Ellie"
Katie G. & Nick T., Watertown, Massachusetts
"We very much enjoyed the lesson and finally got through the remaining left overs last night!"
Nick T., Watertown, Massachusetts

Friday, February 3, 2012

Kid's cooking birthday party

"Lily and the girls had a blast. She said on a scale of 1-10 it was an 11!"
Nancy A., Pembroke, MA

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Mini-Reuben and Mini-Rachel Sandwiches

Mini-Reuben Sandwiches
© "From Ellie's Kitchen to Yours"

2 loaves cocktail rye bread
¾ lb Swiss cheese, thinly sliced
1½ lbs corned beef
16 to 24 oz sauerkraut, well drained
6 to 8 oz Thousand Island or Russian salad dressing
Butter or margarine

Spread several pieces of bread on counter at a time. Spread one side of each sandwich with salad dressing. Top with cheese, sauerkraut and corned beef. Place other half of sandwich on top. Place in frying pan or on grill and cook in butter or margarine until cheese melts and sandwich is crispy. Instead of grilling these, they may be baked at 400° for 5 to 7 minutes, or until sandwiches are hot and the cheese melted.

..................................Yield: 42 to 44 mini sandwiches

Mini-Rachel Sandwiches
© "From Ellie's Kitchen to Yours"

Make these the same way as the Reubens except substitute turkey breast for corned beef. To make the Rachels lower in cholesterol, fat and sodium, substitute low fat Swiss cheese, low salt turkey breast and low calorie or fat free Thousand Island or Russian salad dressing.

Hint: The sauerkraut that is packed in jars or Cryovac, usually kosher or deli style, is much tastier to use in this recipe than canned sauerkraut. Use coleslaw as an alternative to sauerkraut.